'Giving Tuesday' kicks off this year

We had Black Friday, we had Small Business Saturday and we had Cyber Monday. Now, â??Giving Tuesdayâ?? is trying to take off.

Charities nationwide have declared November 27 as national â??Giving Tuesday.â??

The goal is to kick off the holiday season of giving.

After a weekend full of shopping, charities hope to make â??Giving Tuesdayâ?? just a recognized as the other days; a day for those of all ages to get out and volunteer or make a donation.

â??Yeah we've seen a general increase in food donation and financial support, but I think the most amazing thing that's happened happened yesterday. We went to the high school in Ottumwa to pick up some food drive stuff and we were looking to get 5 or 600 pounds and ended up with over 9,000 pounds and we are kind of in shock over it, just amazed really,â?? said Neal Abbott, Food Bank of Southern Iowa Executive Director.

Abbott said he hopes â??Giving Tuesdayâ?? catches on and that younger people get involved.

Social media has played a big part in the day with those tweeting with the hashtag â??Giving Tuesdayâ?? along with how they gave back to their community.