GMH makes stocking stuffers with good taste

Breakfast in a Stocking:

Holiday excitement can disrupt little ones' meal schedules. When the excitement of long-awaited gifts is more interesting than coming to the table for a meal, why not stuff breakfast into their stockings? Here are a few ideas for doing just that!

· Horizon shelf-stable organic milk box

· Erin Bakerâ??s breakfast cookie or KIND nut & fruit bar

· Just Fruit Munchies single-serve packs and fresh fruit, such as a Honeycrisp apple or an easy-to-peel clementine.

· Donâ??t forget a new toothbrush & toothpaste tied together with a bow.

Treat Your Teacher:

Go to the head of the class with a stocking stuffed with unique items any teacher is sure to love:

· Stash brand teas paired with Madhava flavored agave nectar for sweetness

· Burtâ??s Bees lotion and lip balm

· Zumâ??s popular Frankincense and Myrrh-scented soap wrapped in a cellophane gift bag

· And, of course, a fresh apple.

Love Your Neighbor:

As a way to remember your neighbors during the holiday season, simply tie together a package of:

· Beautiful gourmet pasta

· Hy-Vee Select classic olive oil

· A jar of World Classics Tomato Basil pasta sauce

· Add an invitation to bring the items over to your house for dinner in the New Year & this simple, thoughtful gift encourages both good health and friendship.

Encouragement for the Young Cook:

Right-sized, fun tools inspire young cooks to develop life-long cooking skills. A variety of clever, kid-sized kitchen tools can be found in the general merchandise section of your Hy-Vee store. Items such as:

· Their own set of measuring cups and spoons

· Eco Smart prep cups & pinch bowls

· A small whisk stimulate kitchen creativity and ownership of their creations.

Start by preparing Santaâ??s Favorite Pancakes together and begin a new Christmas morning breakfast tradition:

Santaâ??s Favorite Pancakes

Inspire creativity in the kitchen by giving kids right-sized kitchen tools as a stocking-stuffer, then welcome them into the kitchen to help prepare these whole-grain pancakes. For a fun Christmas morning twist arrange the pancakes to look like one of Santaâ??s reindeer, as shown:

All you need:

For the pancakes:

1 cup Hodgson Mill Buckwheat Pancake Mix

3/4 cup Hy-Vee skim milk

1 Hy-Vee egg

1 ½ tbsp Hy-Vee cooking oil

Hy-Vee non-stick cooking spray

To assemble Santaâ??s Favorite Pancakes, youâ??ll also need:

2 slices cooked bacon, per pancake

2 chocolate chips, per pancake

1 fresh raspberry, per pancake

Hy-Vee whipped cream

All you do:

1. Prepare pancakes by placing pancake mix into mixing bowl; add milk and egg. Stir in vegetable oil. Mix until just blended. Let stand for 5 minutes.

2. Preheat griddle or large skillet to 360 degrees. Grease lightly with Hy-Vee cooking spray. Griddle is ready when small drops of water sizzle and disappear almost immediately.

3. Pour ¼ cup batter for each pancake onto the hot griddle, adding 2 separate spoonfuls of additional batter to form â??reindeer ears.â?? Cook 1 to 1-½ minutes and flip when edges appear cooked and bubbles form throughout the pancake. Cook additional 1 to 1-½ minutes on opposite side.

4. Pour 1/8 cup onto griddle to form smaller pancake for reindeer face. Repeat cooking instructions of step 3.

5. To assemble â??Santaâ??s Favoriteâ?? reindeer face-shaped pancake:

1. Place 1 smaller pancake on top of larger pancake

2. Arrange bacon to look like antlers, raspberry for a red nose and two small dollops of whipped cream, each topped with a chocolate chip, for eyes.

Makes approx. 6 pancakes.