GMO labeling may be on the way for the state of Missouri

Should you have the right to know whether or not your food has been re-vamped?

Genetically modified organisms are plants in which a copy of a desired gene from one plant is placed into another to achieve a desired trait. Organisms have been said to be genetically engineered in order to improve or hurry a process for market needs.

While over 60 countries have been permitted to label modified foods , the United States has not yet been granted that right. KTVO spoke with an agri-business specialist who tells us how GMOâ??s affect us.

â??Some people consider that a bad word and it can be to some individuals, but there are a lot of foods that we have available because of genetic modification and so I think we need to be aware that some things come out of it that are definitely positive. You also have to look at how it affects you or what your opinion is on it and buy and sell it accordingly,â?? said Joseph Koenen.

Bills related to labeling genetically modified organisms have been introduced in the Missouri legislature and thousands of consumers are joining in support of the effort.