Gospel quartet performs at the Nazarene Church

'Renewed' setting up for their concert at Nazarene Church of Kirksville, MO.

The Nazarene Church in Kirksville, Missouri had more than a few special visitors for tonight's service.

The â??Renewedâ?? gospel quartet performed holiday songs along with their own concert agenda of southern gospel music. The group says about 75% of their work is done through vocal soundtrack and the rest is with keyboard and saxophone.

They travel throughout northern Missouri and southern Iowa to do what they call-- "spreading the gospel."

â??Oh, it's always great when there's a lot of folks in attendance it kind of helps you in your singing and you feel like the crowd is with you a little bit better, but if the Lord's not here... we're in trouble anyway so he's the main one,â?? says Renewed member Melvin Bissey.

â??Renewedâ?? will travel to Brookfield, Missouri for their next concert. The group plans to perform at Park Baptist Church on February 16th at 6 p.m. For more information, visit: