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      Gov. Nixon announces expansion of A+ program

      Governor Jay Nixon visited La Plata High School to recognize the district for its continued academic excellence.

      Nixon also announced the significant expansion of Missouri's A+ Program, where nearly all of Missouri's public high school students have the opportunity qualify for the scholarship, allowing them to attend a community college tuition free.

      "The students that are involved, not only have to get good grades and come to school, but they also have to mentor inside their schools." Nixon said. "They have to do five hours a year to make sure they are working in the grade school to help kids along and all those things require a lot of work and this school, supported by this board and this community have done just that, to give the next generation of kids a great opportunity for the future."

      Governor Nixon said that 118 Missouri high schools, including La Plata High School recently received A+ designations. He said the dream of an affordable college education should be within reach of all Missouri families.