Gov. Nixon visits Kirksville Public Schools

Governor Jay Nixon made a visit to Kirksville's Public Schools Friday afternoon to recognize outstanding academic achievement.

KHS Students gathered in the auditorium of William Matthew Middle School to hear the governor's high praise of their hard work.

Kirksville Public Schools scored a 94.6 percent on the Missouri School Improvement Program's 2013 Annual Performance Report.

Additionally, the district's graduation rate, composite ACT scores, and percentage of students pursuing higher education continue to surpass the state average.

The governor says in the competitive global job market, expectations for students are high, so they must rise to the challenge in order to be successful.

â??There is no investment that will have a greater impact on the quality of your life or on the future of this nation than the one you make right now on your education,â?? said Governor Nixon.

Governor Nixon has made Missouri public education a top priority during his administration, and he hopes that other schools around the state can emulate the success of Kirksville schools.