Government shutdown closes national parks, but state parks remain open

Lake Wapello is a state park and therefore not affected by the government shutdown.

The government shutdown has kept campers and visitors out of the country's national parks, but it hasn't affected state parks like Drakesville's Lake Wapello.

Park Ranger Chad Horn said the park has gotten some questions from the public about whether it would be closed or whether camp reservations would be canceled. However, since Lake Wapello is funded entirely by the state general fund, state taxes and the Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP), the park is still open to the public.

"We'll remain open, as long as the state stays stable, but the federal shutdown doesn't bother us at all, other than we might pick up a few more campers from people that aren't going to be going to federal areas," Horn said. "But this time of the year, our camping's going to be slowing down anyway."

As far as business goes, Horn said this summer was a busy one, with August and September's warm weather making the camp fuller than it was in June and July. Even though the number of visitors slows during the fall and winter months, Lake Wapello has one cabin that remains open year-round and activities like ice fishing are always available.

Horn also said right now is the perfect time of the year to camp, with the weather not too hot or cold, the park not crowded and the leaves of the trees changing for fall.