Governor appoints new student member to Truman's Board of Governors

Truman State University has a new voice to speak for students on its Board of Governors.

Governor Jay Nixon appointed Michael Bushur, of Lee's Summit, to represent students on the University's highest policy-making body. Bushur is completing his second year at Truman, studying Psychology and Economics. When he finishes, he said he wants to go to law school. Bushur said his participation on the University's Conduct Board and Funds Allotment Council helped him prepare for his new task. Bushur also attributed his participation in the honor's fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, as giving him the opportunity to get to know the variety and the diversity of students at Truman.

Bushur said he'll share with the board what he learns from the weekly student senate meetings.

"I'm really excited for this opportunity," Bushur said. "I really look forward to meeting the other Board members and working with them and sharing the student viewpoint to the Board and hopefully that will help the Board to continue to make decisions that will shape Truman for the better."

Bushur said he doesn't have anything he wants to advocate for right now but he did share with us how Truman could improve in the future.

"In the long run, continuing to attract high caliber Faculty, providing research opportunities for students, and working to strengthen our academic programs."

In order to be selected for the position, Bushur had to fill out an application, and be selected by a search committee. The search committee, comprised of students, interviewed the applicants and selected three to present to the University's Student Senate for approval. Once approved, the three candidates then had to participate in an interview in Jefferson City, with the Director of Boards and Commissions, Deborah Price. Price then made her recommendations to Governor Nixon.

Bushur's duties will include attending the bi-monthly Board of Governors meetings, attending weekly Student Senate meetings, and serving on the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Governors.

Although his term was effective as of Jan. 3, he has yet to be confirmed by the State Senate. His term will end in two years on January 1, 2014.