Governor Branstad supports online sales tax proposal

For Iowans, days of shopping online sales tax free may be coming to an end.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad wants Iowa to hop on the band wagon of charging sales tax onto online purchases.

The governor made it clear in a letter to U.S. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin that he is in favor of the new proposal and would like them to support it as well and vote for it.

However, some businesses may have mixed feelings about the sales tax.

â??If we have local internet business -- you know like I said â?? Iâ??d be very concerned about them but I think for the overall local shopping hopefully itâ??ll give them a boost so I just have mixed feelings about it, you know. I just want them to take time, do studies -- do the right thing not just because some other state has done it,â?? said Terry McNitt Executive Director of the Ottumwa Chamber of Commerce.

McNitt added that the state is struggling to find revenue and this could be one way to help.