Governor Branstad's Tour of Iowa makes stop in Ottumwa

Governor Terry Branstad made it no secret--Winning Wapello County is pivotal to winning Iowa.

"I'm very honored and very proud that I carried Wapello County in the last election," said Governor Branstad. "First time for a Republican gubernatorial candidate in a long time, and we're hopeful we can do that again."

In front of a packed, fervent crowd of supporters, the governor reaffirmed his plans to run for re-election while also reflecting on past accomplishments and laying out goals for this year through his agenda.

Branstad said he didn't want to announce his decision to run until after he delivered the Condition of the State Address.

By doing this, he was also able to encourage the public to participate in next week's Republican caucus.

The governor also reflected on the fact that he was able to create 130,000 new jobs in the past three years allowing the unemployment rate in Iowa to dip to 4.4 percent.

He's hoping to up the number of jobs created to 200,000 in year five.

"We're seeing good jobs come to the state of Iowa," said Governor Branstad. "The Lieutenant Governor and Mary Andringa are really focused on STEM jobs--science, technology, engineering, and math--and training people for those jobs of the future. And our focus is to build a bright, prosperous future for all Iowans."

Also, in that three-year span there were $7.5 billion worth of investments in the state of Iowa.

Governor Branstad also stated that one of his goals this upcoming year is to attract more military to the state while eliminating the Iowa income tax on military retirement.

He hopes to provide them educational opportunities leading to the achievement of professional licenses.

The governor also has an anti-bullying initiative he plans to propose.