Governor Nixon says the economy is his priority

Governor Jay Nixon is currently leading in the polls, and Friday night, he made a stop in Kirksville to speak with youth about deer hunting.

We asked the governor what his top priority would be if re-elected.

â??Obviously trying to keep people working together to get this economy moving forward,â?? Gov. Nixon said. â??Getting an unemployment rate under 7 percent has been important for the state. (We will) continue to add jobs, get people back to work as well as providing the kind of education it takes to compete in a world economy. So, in all those fronts we want to continue the progress we've made in the last four years.â??

We also asked the governor, from what he knows of Republican candidate Dave Spence, what is the biggest difference between the two.

â??Well Iâ??ve remained focus on this campaign about bringing people together, not trying to divide and understand the importance of state tax payers dollars,â?? Gov. Nixon said. â??We've maintained that triple a credit rating by working together and I expect to be able to hopefully continue to do that so that Missouri continues to move forward.â??

Governor Nixon and Dave Spence also face Libertarian candidate Jim Higgins in Tuesdayâ??s election.