Governor rallying support for education

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon paid a visit to Kirksville Tuesday evening to rally support for education funding to continue in the Show-Me-State.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and senior members of his administration were at Truman State University in Kirksville Tuesday to discuss the impact of House Bill 253 with area school administrators, teachers, school board members and others.

Governor Nixon vetoed House Bill 253 in June, calling it an unaffordable experiment that would force dramatic cuts to education and raise taxes on prescription drugs.

Data shows that House Bill 253 would drain about $800 million from public schools throughout the state if the governor's veto is overridden especially locally in school districts across northeast Missouri such as the Kirksville R-III School District.

"If my veto is not sustained, it will cost the Kirksville School District $600,000 a year. Bottom line is that they don't have that money. It will be a real problem to cut down on the educational opportunities for kids right here in Kirksville," Nixon said.

After the governor's speech, there was a Q & A session so the public could voice their concerns and ask questions about House Bill 253.

Nixon claims the bill also has the potential for serious risks to Missouri's fiscal health and the state's long standing AAA credit rating if lawmakers override the governor's veto and House Bill 253 becomes law.

More than 100 organizations, including local school boards, chambers of commerce, businesses, non-profits, faith groups and local governments have come out in support of the governor's veto of the measure.

The Missouri Legislature returns to the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City on September 14 for its annual veto session.