Governor wants farmers to mow highways

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is encouraging the public to harvest grass in state highway ditches.

The governor announced Friday that farmers should harvest the grass along the state highway right of ways as a way to help combat the drought.

"Under the hot and dry conditions that the state is and has been experiencing, farmers are searching for alternative ways to feed their livestock. Harvesting grass along the side of the state roads is an efficient and economical mean for farmers to maintain their livestock levels," said Branstad.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has set up guidelines in which farmers should follow if they wish to legally mow and bale grass on highway right of ways. The state is urging people that are interested, to contact the Iowa DOT. You must have a permit to take advantage of this program.

According to the Iowa DOT, all work should be performed between 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset.