Graduates get badge of honor

Thirteen weeks and more then 30 hours later they finally did it!

The students in the Kirksville Citizens TM Police Academy ended their program with a graduation on Tuesday night.

Kirksville Police Chief Jim Hughes and Kirksville City Representative Carolyn Chrisman spoke to the class and thanked them for their participation.

Afterward, one by one, all 20 participants came up to receive their certificate of completion.

I want to congratulate them for hanging in there for 13 works. It just amazes us that there are people out there that are willing to come down and listen to us for 13 weeks, said Chief Hughes. We certainly accomplished what we wanted to and I think the student learned some things from it. I just want to commend absolutely each and every one of them for their dedication and their commitment.

The class met every Tuesday night from 6:30-9:30pm for 13 weeks.

During that time they learned a wide variety of things, everything from officer safety, to the duties of the Special Response Team, to how to properly collect and store evidence.

By far the gun range was my favorite, said Kirstina Imes. I've never shot guns before, so being able to use Dr. Young's modified AR-15 was amazing and then knowing I was a good shot was the best part of the class.

The most informative was learning about A.L.I.C.E, and working at Truman myself it was very important to know that just in case we do have a shooter on campus, said Lori Gray.

So the question is, would they recommend the class to someone else?

Definitely come take this class, you were learn so much that you had no idea the Kirksville Police Department is capable of doing, said Imes. From protecting the citizens to full on swat attack. I mean it TMs amazing and they should definitely consider.

I strongly encourage anyone who has any interest in law enforcement or wanting to know how our local law enforcement works by all means participate and take the class, said Gray. It TMs well worth the time and what they gave us, you know their personal and professional information it was outstanding.

The Kirksville Police Department is planning on having another Citizens TM Police Academy next year, if you are interested in them you should contact them by clicking here.