Graduation rates high for Davis County High School

Davis County Community Schools District has good reason to smile. High school graduation rates were recently released and Davis County High Schoolâ??s rate was 96%.

Davis County High Schoolâ??s principal Jeff Graves said a lot of the teachers put in the extra effort to get the kids to graduate. They make themselves available before and after school for extra help.

Graves said community support also has a lot to do with this high number.

â??We've been well above state average. I've been here 10 years. When we opened up the alternative high school that helped us by 3 or 4 percentage points every year, people graduating from flex ed. and that has helped us. So we've been above state average. It's something we do take some pride in,â?? said Graves.

Graves said he is confident that this number can keep increasing over the next few years.