Grain bin transformed into living space

It may look like your average thirty-five hundred bushel grain bin. But in this case, looks couldnâ??t be more deceiving.

An abundant supply of grain wonâ??t be found in this bin. What you will find, is a bathroom, living room and full functioning kitchen.

After over fifteen years of emptiness, owners Jeff and Jennifer Daniels decided to put the bin to better use.

â??It used to be a town, now itâ??s just a church and the old store building; now we have a weekend getaway,â?? said Jeff Daniels, owner of the Pure Air Cabin.

A weekend getaway known as the Pure Air Cabin.

And the best part about it is that you donâ??t have to travel outside the Heartland for a little relaxing peace and quiet.

â??This is an ideal country for deer, turkeyâ?¦weâ??ve seen them out here every day while we were doing constructionâ?¦Its just really beautiful out here,â?? said Jennifer Daniels, owner of the Pure Air Cabin. â??Itâ??s a nice place to get away from all the noise and the rush and just come out for a peaceful relaxing weekend.â??

The bin is located about twenty miles from Kirksville, in the Pure Air community, near Novinger.

And rumor has it, this area lives up to its name.

â??Granny Johnson was down in some of the gullies here bringing her cattle up and it was a hot sultry day and when she got to the top of the hill she said its sure good to be back in pure air again and so therefore the name pure air came to be,â?? said Jennifer Daniels.

The cabin had their first overnighters in May and is looking forward to the next round of visitors. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be taking place Wednesday morning at 9:30.

Address: 22264 State Hwy 149 Novinger, MO 63559 (Take Hwy 6 West from Kirksville to Novinger; continue West of Novinger another 4 miles to Hwy 149 South. Continue South on 149 for about 7 miles. The cabin will be on the left.)