Grant helps cut down on businesses selling alcohol to minors

The Ottumwa Police Department receives many types of grants through various organizations; but one recent grant given to the department by the Eighth Judicial District of Iowa helped the department determine what businesses were checking for identification when selling alcohol.

A few weeks ago, KTVO reported on an operation the Ottumwa Police Department conducted concerning local businesses selling alcohol to minors.

On Wednesday, the department talked about the success of the program.

"The way it benefits our community, it gives us the funds to have our officers go out and do special projects to lower the sale of alcohol or the consumption of alcohol by minors," said Sgt. Chad Farrington with the Ottumwa Police Department.

The grant, totaling $5,000, was funded by the Eight Judicial District of Iowa and the Juvenile Court System. It allows officers to take a minor out to local businesses to see if they are checking for identification when a person is purchasing alcohol related projects.

"I think overall, as a community, I don't think it is a huge problem. We did have some violations this time with sales to underage persons," Farrington said.

Eight businesses in Ottumwa were cited over a two day period; which for as many stores that sell alcohol in Ottumwa, that is a pretty low number.

"So really what the driving force behind this is, we are really wanting these businesses to make sure they check i.d.'s and they check them every time," Farrington said.