Grant helps Fairfield Volunteer Center help veterans

A $2,000 grant from Home Depot will allow the Fairfield Volunteer Center to weatherize 20 veterans' homes.

The Fairfield Volunteer Center received a $2,000 grant from Home Depot that will allow them to help weatherize veterans' homes.

The grant and volunteers will improve 20 homes this October, to help ensure that veterans are living in a place that is safe and comfortable. This project is also a part of the Alliant Energy Hometown Rewards Grant that Fairfield has received. That grant teaches the community how to reduce energy usage as a whole over the span of two years.

Members of the Volunteer Center are excited about the help they will be able to provide, thanks to the grant.

"When we applied for that grant, we got it because we planned to do only veterans' homes," said Carole Boggs. "It was a $2,000 grant and we were very happy to get it."

The center is looking for volunteers to help weatherize homes when the project kicks off in October. Anyone who is interested can contact the Fairfield Volunteer Center at 641-209-9045 or

Also, veterans who are interested in having their home weatherized as part of the program can first contact Alliant Energy at 800-255-4268. A representative will then give the home an audit to be sure the building can be weatherized. If so, the home will be added to the project list.

For even more information, visit the Fairfield Volunteer Website by clicking