Grant will help local perservation effort

The City of Kirksville has come into some money for historic preservation efforts. A grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development will be used to conduct a historic resource survey.

We hired a consultant who will go around the entire downtown area, look at the histories of the building, look at the conditions, the architectural condition of the building and give us recommendation on where to expand the district or what buildings would be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, said Ken Shook, Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission Chair. The commission and property owners are looking to use the Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program to spruce up downtown Kirksville and get more buildings on the National Register. It would give building owners up to a 45 percent tax credit of money invested in renovating historic buildings.

Harris says it is realistic for downtown buildings to be close enough to their original state to make it on the national register. He said the south side project wasn't in close enough shape a year ago, but it probably is now.

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