Great Movie Ride: Local taxpayers forced to pay hundreds of millions to bring Hollywood to town

The 'real' reality about television reality shows -- it's costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

One recent example -- producers of â??The Bachelor" will get as much as $100,000 dollars from taxpayers for filming an episode in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

City leaders there are following the lead of lots of other states and local governments.

Our partners at the Washington Times tell us tax watchdogs like Robert Tannenwald, formerly with the center on budget and policy priorities dismiss it as "wasteful and unfair" to economic development.

That runs contrary to what some lawmakers think.

"The argument is that by getting these productions in these cities and states that it increases tourism and generates jobs and even provides economic development. But really it's not paying off,â?? said Drew Johnson of the Washington Times.

For its decision to hand out taxpayer cash with no certain payoff, Santa Fe's City Council wins this weekâ??s golden hammer award, It's a weekly award that shines the spotlight on government waste and abuse of your tax dollars.

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