Greg Kenning explains why you should give him your vote

The Nov. 2 General Election is less than a week away, and four candidates are running for Wapello County Supervisor.

Greg Kenning, current supervisor, is one of them. He explains why you should re-elected?

I feel like we've got some things that are undone that we're on the very edge of getting accomplished and I want to be around to see that happen, and that's really the driving force that makes me want to make certain that happens.

Some of those things include the opening of the new Job Corp Center, which is estimated to infuse $8-million into the economy (according to Bill Woods, project director from Department of Labor), and is scheduled to open its doors July 1, 2011. He also would like to see the use of the I-Jobs money, getting the Chillicothe Bridge restored, as well as the elevation and repairing of Rock Bluff Road.

Kenning also referenced one of the accomplishments made while he served.

Probably within a week of me taking office, I had a chance to meet with my first senior elected official. That was Dave Loebsack. We met at a VFW Hall meeting and we were talking about needs of the Wapello County Veterans and I spoke to him after that meeting and I told him, in Wapello County, we have a considerable amount of veterans. I think 3,800 was the number, and we have many needs of the veterans and their families, and our pockets aren TMt deep enough to take care of those. Now, apparently I made an impression on him and I didn TMt have any idea that what he had in mind was to open up a veteran TMs clinic. I really thank him for that and I give him a lot of credit for doing that. But, that TMs one thing that I really wanted to see happen in my term of office and it did come to [happen].

A candidate TMs forum will be hosted at Ottumwa TMs City Hall, Thursday, Oct. 28, at seven p.m., in which citizens can meet the candidates for Wapello County Supervisor, State Senate and State Representative.

Also competing for County Supervisor include Marcus Bennett, Jerry Parker, and Richard S. Palen.

Kenning explains what his approach will be in Thursday night TMs forum.

People are trying to paint a very negative picture of how things are and I will be the first to admit yes, we do have quite a number of things that have happened to us and things that we need to address that haven't gone so smoothly. But, I do want to paint as optimistic a picture I can about that. I think there are some things to be optimistic about.

I hope that people feel as energized about this election coming up that I feel, said Kenning. All elections are crucial and I hope that people have either voted or are planning to vote, or will show up at the polls on Tuesday and make certain that their vote counts.

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