Greitens vetoes Missouri bill on boat railing exception

KTVO Greitens MGN Greitens Facebook.jpg

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has vetoed a bill that he says would mean children could ride on the bows of boats without railings.

Greitens took action on that bill and several others Friday.

Motorboat drivers now can't allow people to ride on bows, gunwales and the tops of seats without adequate railings. Greitens vetoed a bill that would have made an exception for boats originally made without those guard rails and boats with outboard jet motors.

Greitens also vetoed legislation that would have meant he no longer is notified when Missouri National Guard members file complaints about their commanding officers.

Greitens signed a bill that will protect people from prosecution of some crimes if they call an ambulance to help someone who is overdosing.

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