Greyhound in Kirksville

Travelers like Stephanie Hunolt are taking advantage of a fairly new way to get around in the Heartland.

Greyhoundâ??s Bus Service has operated a stop in Kirksville since last summer, but a lot of people didn't even know about it.

For someone like Hunolt, this is a convenience because she cannot see. The bus helps her travel to her family.

â??Since Iâ??m legally blind, I donâ??t have to depend on somebody else for transportation, and I hate having to depend on my family all the time so Greyhound makes it a lot more convenient,â?? Hunolt said.

Kirksville Assistant City Manager Angi Whisnant said the bus service is good for Kirksville for another reason.

It allows businesses to have possible options for more travel routes.

â??I think it offers some alternative forms of transportation," said Whisnant. "Just makes us more readily available. I think not only to the people who live in the community, our residents, but visitors who might be traveling to and from Kirksville.â??

Whisnant said the Greyhound service is good for people because itâ??s another amenity Kirksville can offer. The Greyhound bus stops daily at 2700 N. Baltimore at the Shop-n-Go Convenience Store.

One bus arrives at the stop from Springfield, Mo. at 12:25 p.m.

A second bus comes in at 1:30 p.m. going to Ottumwa. Hereâ??s a link for more information.