Ground broken on new chlor-alkali plant in Eddyville

The Harris and Ford Chlor-Alkali Production Plant is set to open in January, 2015

It was an exciting day in Eddyville on Thursday as ground was broken for the new Harris and Ford Chlor-Alkali Production Plant which will create 25 new jobs in Eddyville and close to 750 indirect jobs across Iowa.

Harris and Ford has partnered up with Cargill and will be located on its biorefinery facility campus in Eddyville.

The company provides chemicals to Cargillâ??s process business.

â??There's so much benefit both to Cargill, both to Harris and Ford and the community and we're certainly committed to, in our sourcing area, to diverse spending. So that's a big element of this as well is the diverse and minority spend that comes from this new enterprise,â?? said Bart Eddy, Engineer and Operations Manager of Corn Milling North America.

Cargill will be investing in pipelines that will connect the two companies and without bond money this project would not be possible.

President of Harris and Ford, Tim Harris, said he called Cargill because they are the largest seller of sod in the country.

â??So they were the ones that encouraged me to take a look at Iowa as opposed to Ohio or Tennessee. We did. And we're glad we did. Iowa was an easier place to work in, government was easier to work with, the energy costs were lower and so all the variables came together to help make this an easy decision,â?? said Harris.

Gov. Terry Branstad fully supports the new project and the economic development that it will be brining to the state of Iowa.

The plant is set to be up and running in January, 2015.

The Harris and Ford Chlor-Alkali plant will be making caustic soda, muriatic acid and bleach.