Group helping seniors become more aware of Medicare fraud

With about $6.8 million lost an hour due to Medicare fraud, one organization is trying to help seniors become more aware of the growing problem.

The Senior Medicare Patrol of Kansas City held a Medicare Summary Notice Workshop at the Village 76 Senior Center in Kirksville Tuesday afternoon.

The session taught seniors how to read their Medicare Summary Notices and help them to notice red flags of Medicare fraud or abuse.

Some of the most common signs of fraud include being billed for a service you did not get or getting a call from Medicare asking for personal information.

"Medicare won't call you on the phone like someone calling you and saying that they know how to get your doctor to order something for you that they haven't ordered. Those are very common. Double billing for things you didn't need," said Rona McNally of the Senior Medicare Patrol.

McNally also said talking to your doctor about your healthcare needs will help you become more aware of the services you need through Medicare and not fall into a trap.

For more information on how to prevent or report Medicare fraud, call 888-515-6565 or click here.