Growing number of colleges no longer require SAT and ACT tests

A growing number of colleges and universities are no longer requiring standardized testing when it comes to college entrance and enrollment.

More than 800 colleges and universities across the United States no longer mandate the SAT and ACT tests. They are instead looking more at the potential students personal essays and involvement in extra curricular activities and community service.

A number of the colleges that dropped the standardized testing requirement have noticed that doing so has helped to diversify the student body. College entrance requirements play a large role in the students decision of where they choose to go to college.

"It's such an individual thing. Students make a choice of what are their top choices as far as higher education is concerned, they look at the things that schools look at, they look at the types of students that are there, and I think again it comes down to a very individual thing," said Regina Morin, of the Truman State University Enrollment Management Department.

Colleges and universities that still require standardized tests have noticed an increase in popularity of the ACT over the SAT.