Growing Wapello Together looking for feedback and volunteers to fight hunger

Growing Wapello Together is asking for the community to show support for their food insecurity action plan at an action summit Thursday.

A community organization called Growing Wapello Together is ready to take action against food insecurity.

Almost 70 individuals divided into seven groups met for conversations and training throughout May. Now, these groups are ready to present the action plans they think will best help to solve the problem of hunger in Wapello County.

Growing Wapello Together is inviting everyone to an action summit dinner on Thursday, June 5. Those who attend will hear about the efforts of each group and will vote on which plan they think will work best for our community. There will also be opportunities to volunteer with this effort.

Since hunger impact so many people in the area, this is a chance for anyone who cares about the issue to get involved.

"This is a chance where you can actually go and say, if we're going to spend resources and time and energy, this is what I think is the biggest priority that will have the biggest impact for our community," said Amber Payne, Coordinator/Consultant with Growing Wapello Together. "So we've had people who have participated through the whole process and this is an opportunity to come in, hear what they've come up with and put your vote behind something. So it's community-driven for community action."

The dinner will be from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the Rural Health Education Center at Indian Hills.

Payne said they would like as many attendees as possible, but it does help to RSVP. You can do that by calling 641-680-6876 or by emailing