Guide to Successfully Completing your Prescribed Burn

One of the keyâ??s to maintaining the quality grasslands is through the use of fire. Fire can be a big help when you use it under the right conditions.

With warmer weather on our doorstep, many of you will be burning overgrown grass on your land to help maintain it.

But do know the dos and donâ??ts when it comes to successfully burning your own prescribed fire?

John Murphy, a local private land conservationist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, breaks it down for us.

Prescribed Fire Doâ??s:

1. Educate yourself about burning

2. Have excellent firebreaks

3. Call the proper authorities before you burn

4. Have the necessary manpower

5. Pick a good wind direction, and use a lot of 'back fire'

6. Mop up the scene well.

Prescribed Fire Donâ??ts:

1. Don't burn with RH less than 30% and/or winds greater than 15mph.

2. Don't forget to call it in

3. Don't leave the fire unattended

4. Don't skimp on firebreaks

5. Don't 'assume' anything about fire behavior

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