Gun control conversation takes center stage in Ottumwa

The national conversation about gun control and keeping our studentâ??s safe at school is going to take center stage in Iowa next week as U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack will be holding roundtable discussions across his congressional district.

On Monday, Congressman Loebsack will be speaking with members of the community in Ottumwa.

Leaders in Washington will be debating a new ban on assault weapons in the coming months, as well as making background checks mandatory at gun shows; both items supported by the current administration.

In Iowa, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, a supporter of the second amendment told KTVO on Thursday, that she would not comment on the proposed legislation because she does not know what it would entail.

â??Well, I would never way what I would be (support) until I actually see the legislation because that really gets you in trouble from my perspective to weigh in on something, when I donâ??t know what the verbiage is, and they mistake what you say,â?? said Reynolds. â??So I would take a look at that. I think that there already is some form of a background check. With legislation they always tend to over-reach. I donâ??t think they get the results they are looking for. I think we really need to make sure that we are executing the laws that are on the books. We need to punish the criminals, not the gun that is committing the crime. It is the individual. So, we really need to be consciences of that.â??

Reynolds says that when it comes to the National Rifle Associationâ??s plan for armed guards or officers at the nationâ??s schools, she says that is a local issue and should be left up to the local school districts and communities. Many schools throughout Iowa have school resource officers, which are sometimes funded by state and federal grants.

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