Gun enthusiast aims at gun safety


They are the topic of discussion all around the nation these days.

Should certain magazines or assault weapons be banned? Should there be more gun control laws?

There are a lot of opinions, but many people may have never even used a gun.

Brad Bolz, a local gun enthusiast, told KTVO some things a new shooter should know.

â??The biggest things that new shooters need is to be able to hear,â?? Bolz said.

Wearing electronic shooting ear muffs will help with that. Itâ??s also important to wear safety goggles.

â??(And) when someone hands you a gun you need to make sure it's unloaded.â??

Bolz said when handling a gun it is important that you don't move the muzzle when you press on the trigger.

When Bolz was asked what parents should do to keep their children safe, Bolz said itâ??s important for parents to have an open dialogue with their children about guns and how to handle them.

â??If you want the gun ready for self-defense, the best option is to get one of those electronic cases,â?? Bolz said. â??Itâ??s just two, or three seconds longer than if the gun was just lying out. You have to open it up, but the gun would be ready for you.â??

Whether you decide to keep a gun for self-defense or hunting, itâ??s important to know how to shoot a gun properly, safely and legally.