Gym memberships on the rise after New Year's

It's a new year meaning new resolutions on the of course is getting into shape.

The Adair County YMCA has noticed a jump in memberships and class attendance since January 1st.

Instructors say people got gym memberships as Christmas gifts or are joining now due to specials such as waving the joiner fee.

After the craziness of the holiday season, people want a fresh start. But experts say it's important to start small and have fun.

"I would definitely start off with 30 minutes a day or every other day. If you are taking new classes for the first time, don't do all of them at one time. Try one and see how it works, do it a few times before doing another. Do something that you enjoy so you can stick with it," said YMCA's Membership and Wellness Director Diane Corder.

Health experts also want to remind you that drinking plenty of water, not overindulge on sweets, and eating right are as important as exercising.

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