Halfway through summer, attendance at Beach Ottumwa is steady

The high 70's to mid-90's tends to be the perfect temperatures for visitors to the Beach Ottumwa.

Believe it or not, summer is already about halfway over and the Beach Ottumwa has seen a great season so far.

Beach manager Gene Rathje said attendance has been consistent throughout the summer; busy, but not so busy that the facilities are overwhelmed and parking is a problem. In addition to some hot weather drawing people to the pool, the Beach has also had no maintenance issues.

"We haven't had any mechanical problems this year, no pump or motor failures," Rathje said. "Our maintenance guy's doing fantastic, he got thrown into a tough situation in March and he's learned very quickly. We took out some dead trees.... So yeah, so far, we're on a roll, things are working well."

Rathje said the Beach Ottumwa tends to see a peak in attendance when temperatures are in the high 70's into the mid 90's. Anything higher than 95 degrees tends to drive people inside into the air conditioning.

The Beach Ottumwa is open through August 20 this year, with $5 admission every day.