Halloween to take over the American Gothic House Center again this year

The American Gothic House Center is holding their annual Halloween Party at the end of October.

On Saturday, October 27th, kids from pre-school to fifth grade are invited out to the American Gothic House Center.

Organizers say that they are going to have many different activities for the participants.

"We are going to have several crafts and several games. One of our games will be our pumpkin pitchfork relays where you will use your pitchfork, which is actually going to be a broom and that is safer for kids. They will get in their overall and they will use their pitchfork to push their pumpkins down for this relay. We will also be doing ghost bowling, where you will have toilet paper rolls shaped like ghosts and we will have pumpkin bowling balls for you to use," said Holly Berg, Administrator of the American Gothic House Center.

Berg says that kids that do come to the party should wear their Halloween costumes so that they have have their photo taken in-front of the American Gothic House.