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      Hamming it up with amateur radios

      Amateur radio, also known as "ham" radio involves radio communication by people who enjoy radio as a hobby, and who also provides radio service in times of an emergency.

      "Hams" are individuals licensed by the government to operate two-way equipment from their homes, cars or other locations to communicate with other hams across the world. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission licenses hams.

      Dan is a member of the Northeast Missouri Amateur Radio Club. He says many people find a door to the world with amateur radios. He says people from all walks of life enjoy making friends around the world these radios.

      "Get on the radio, get on a particular frequency and you talk to other hams and you pass traffic around," said Dan. "Those things are for fun, but they're also for practice, so if it's an emergency and you need to pass traffic, then you've already done it lots of times because you did it as your hobby."

      Hams are known for their role in providing communications during disasters and emergencies, and just about anyone can become a ham.

      If you're interested in radios, computers or communications, being a ham might be for you.

      If you'd like to learn more about amateur radios and how you can become a ham CLICK HERE.