Hamre picnic brings conversation back to the dinner table

Hamre Picnic brings three generations of people together each year.

A special gathering in Southeast Iowa has been a tradition for more than 40 years.

Bee Hamre honors her late mother Mary-Ann Funk by hosting a picnic each summer. Bee says her mom always emphasized the importance of socializing around the dinner tables, Ms. Funk always invited neighbors, friends and family over to eat and build relationships through the timeless art of conversation. Bee and her husband Lee say they welcome everyone in the community with open arms.

â??You gotta talk to people face to face,â?? Hamre said. â??You gotta socialize with them at a social events to get to know them. Otherwise it seems like sometimes we make stereotypes about people, and you need to talk to them and visit with them, and you know what? You find out you're all alike.â??

Dozens of guests including some who traveled all the way from Minnesota, Nebraska and Illinois met in Bloomfield for the Hamreâ??s picnic, and there was plenty of food to go around.