Harmony School District holds first annual Thanksgiving Day feast

The Harmony School District commenced a new tradition Friday with their first annual Thanksgiving Day feast.

The event was held in the Harmony High School gym where students in the district gathered along with their families for the scrumptious meal.

The school district, which embraces their motto of "the little school that could", impressed once again by serving a whopping 600 people at the event. To put that figure into perspective, only 361 students are enrolled in the district.

Harmony School District business and technology techer Stephanie Vititoe was in charge of setting up the event, but she credited new superintendent Kerry Phillips for making it happen.

"Well, we have a new superintendent this year and really it was all his idea," said Vititoe. "He just came to me and said I'd really like to do this and how can we make it work and everybody just kind of joined in together, and we were able to make this day happen."

It seemed like an improbable task for such a small school to serve such a large number of people, but the plan was ambitious.

Phillips credited the volunteer work of the school's staff. Teachers could be seen serving food and cooking it as well.

He also praised the Farmington community for backing the ambitious effort and contributing to set up the event.

"It's an opportunity for the staff to work hard together to promote community involvement and bring us all together for a wonderful meal," said Phillips.