Harvesting is moving at a snails pace

Sunny, warm and drier weather was welcomed across the Heartland.

The latest Missouri crop report numbers from the USDA are showing, 95 percent of the corn crop is dented. 58 percent is mature, while harvest is 17 percent complete. 60 percent of the bean crop is turning color and only 2 percent is harvested.

A local Agronomist says that both corn and soybeans remain at least two weeks behind schedule in Northeast Missouri.

And of the producers he has seen in the fields, have been harvesting more beans than corn due to high moisture levels.

The latest Iowa crop report numbers are showing 93 percent of the corn has reached the dent stage. Corn mature advanced to 45 percent. And two percent has been harvested. 93 percent of the soybeans are turning color. While eight percent of beans have been harvested

Iowa Field Specialist Mark Carlton tells KTVO that due to the late planting, harvesting is very slow. He says that producers are going to see smaller beans than normal this year because of the wet spring and summer we have had.

Just like Northeast Missouri, Carlton says that southern Iowa is at least two weeks behind normal schedule.