Has the drought hurt the wine business?

West Winery

2012 was a devastating year for many Heartland farmers. The drought was one of the most stressful agriculture seasons the Midwest has ever seen.

But, for one Heartland business the drought did more good than harm.

â??This year's been fantastic,â?? Chris West Owner of West Winery said.

While the drought hurt many Heartland farmers, West said, for his business, it was a different story.

â??The drought has actually helped us this year,â?? he said. â??We got some really good grapes. We did get some that weren't quite ripe, but all in all our grapes look really good and we should have a pretty good year.â??

West said the Winery has also tripled their production and expanded to other areas.

â??We already have one in Kirksville, and now we've moved over to Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, which is our third place, and so it's been very good for us this year,â?? West said.

He said for anyone who has yet to come to a winery, just come and try it out.

â??Weâ??re a learning facility,â?? he said. â??We have people come in and help us do bottling. We teach people, and we just really want to share that.â??

West said there are several winery businesses in the northeast.

â??Go and check them out,â?? West said.

â??All of our places are really cool, and all of the others ones in the area are really nice too.â??