Hastings Meat Processing wins big at state fair

Itâ??s been a staple in Bloomfield for 15 years and has received numerous awards through the years, this year being no exception.

Hastings Meat Processing was a three-time winner in the Iowa Meat Processors Association contests at the Iowa State Fair earlier this month.

Its bone in ham, cured smoke beef and bacon each received awards.

There were around 55 entries in the competition. The judges scored on general appearance, aroma, taste and internal appearance.

â??The state fair is about your best advertising you're going to get because there's hundreds of thousands of people are going to go by it and see our display case. We got a cooler there. We got all kinds of meat in there and that's really a good thing for us,â?? said Kevin Hastings of Hastings Meat Processing.

Hastings said bacon is currently his top seller.