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      Having a bowl of soup while helping kids stay safe after prom

      One Heartland community came out for some good food and helping out a great cause.

      The La Plata High School After Prom Committee held a soup luncheon at the La Plata Elementary School Gym early Sunday afternoon.

      With any donation, people had a chance to enjoy homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts. All the contributions will benefit the junior and senior students during their 2014 prom.

      "The money that we raise will go to the 2014 After Prom. It's to help keep our kids safe and keep them off the streets at night and they're not out drinking or doing things they shouldn't be doing. So that's what the money goes towards," said After Prom Committee Co-Chair Dana Safley.

      "Hopefully making them have a wonderful memory to take with them from high school," said After Prom Committee Co-Chair Sharon Howe.

      The committee says their event was a complete success and appreciates the community support.

      There will more After Prom fundraisers in the future.