Having fun while learning to be healthy and active

Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department along with with NEMO Heart Health held a summer block party at P.C. Mills Saturday.

Some Heartland kids got to be active and fun on this Saturday.

The Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department held their third summer block party at P.C. Mills Park.

The theme once again was the summer olympics. Kids got to participate in obstacle courses and make their own gold metals.

NEMO Heart Health and Nutritionist Carrie Snyder partnered for the event. They provided snacks and educational aspects of hearth health.

All to just keep stressing the importance of getting out and being active for not only kids but adults as well.

"Being out here with their kids and being active and having fun. Hopefully that continues, that's what I love about these summer block parties. Becoming more aware of NEMO Heart Health is doing and being more aware of healthy eating," Snyder said.

The Kirksville Police and Fire Departments were also present. They showed the kids how they used their cars and ladders.

The fourth and final summer block party will be taking place on Saturday, August 2 at Brashear Park.