Haz-Mat crews work to clean-up fuel spill on Hwy 63

Members of the Southeast Iowa Hazmat Team responded to a tanker spill in Ottumwa Wednesday.

A tanker truck overturned on its side late Wednesday morning, causing quite the mess in Ottumwa.

The accident taking place at the intersection of U.S. 34 and Business 63.

First Responders arrived on the scene very quickly, keeping contamination minimal.

"Another truck was actually responding on a medical call at about the same time it happened; so we had a truck here right away. We activated our hazmat team, within five minutes we had several hazmat units here and we were able to contain the leak to a fairly confined area. Now we are drilling the tank so we can upright the truck. It is diesel fuel in the truck, so the risk of an explosion is small, so that is why you see us walking around in clothes and things, there is little risk with the diesel fuel," said Deputy Fire Chief Cory Benge with the Ottumwa Fire Department.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be called in to remove the contaminated soil from the spill.

Responding to the accident were members from the Ottumwa Fire Department, Ottumwa Police Department, The Iowa State Patrol and several departments within the City of Ottumwa.

Motorists are advised that the intersection of U.S. Highway 34 and Business 63 near Greater Ottumwa Park has been closed to all traffic due to a diesel fuel spill in the area.

All traffic will need to seek other routes until the intersection can be cleared.

The public is asked to avoid the area due to the ongoing hazardous material clean-up effort.

KTVO has had a reporter on this scene this morning; and there doesn't appear to be any immediate danger to the public.

However, a member of the Ottumwa Fire Department told KTVO, that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is expected to be in town to investigate any longer term threat.