Health career camp allows kids to explore the field in a hands-on way

Health Career Camp held at Indian Hills

Indian Hills Community College held a health career camp today where high school-aged kids spent the day learning about the field in a hands-on way.

Health professionals led a presentation where students learned about different professions in the field. Here they learned lessons about cardiac arrest and heart attacks by watching videos of real surgeries. The professionals explained to the kids that there is only a 90 minute timeframe to respond from when a victim of a heart attack starts feeling the first signs of chest pains, and that is why it is so vital to call 9-1-1 and for responders to act quickly. The kids were surprised the surgeons could perform a procedure on a heart valve in 19 minutes.

â??Weâ??ve focused a lot on cardiac problems today, heart problems, which is one of the leading diseases in the U.S,â?? Dan Turner, a paramedic and instructor at Indian Hills, said. â??A lot of the procedures that go along with that including the use of AEDS, heart cauterizations, fixing cardiac blockages and how to go about getting some of those jobs and some of the education requirements for that.â??

The kids also learned how to take a patient's blood pressure and use a stethoscope. They even dissected the heart of a pig, which instructors say is similar to a human heart.