Health Screening Recommendations for 20-30 Year Olds

The following are the recommendations of the USPSTF and may not reflect the opinion of your (the patients) physician.

1. Hypertension: Recommended for both men and women age 18 and older have their blood pressure checked every two years. What is hypertension or high blood pressure? If the pressure is greater than 140 for the top number or greater than 90 on the bottom number. (If you want to we can talk about how to properly check a BP here).

2. Cholesterol: Recommended for both men and women over age 20 have their cholesterol checked if they are tobacco users, obese (bmi of 30 or greater), have diabetes, have hypertension, have a personal history of heart disease, or if you have a male family member that had a heart attack before age 50 or a female family member that had a heart attack before age 60.

3. Diabetes: Recommended screening for diabetes if you have high blood pressure.

4. For Women: Pap Smears: Recommended that women age 21 and older have an annual pelvic examination. The pap smear may be performed every 1-3 years depending on that womans particular situation.

5. Immunizations: Recommended that men and women of all ages stay up to date on their immunizations. Particularly for age 20-30, that would include flu vaccine every year, tetanus every ten years, and HPV up until age 26. Of course if they need catch up from their childhood immunizations that would be recommended as well.

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