Healthcare options are changing, but Truman students remain informed

Healthcare Informational at Truman State University

Northeast Missouri Caring Communities provided Truman State students and the community with a Healthcare Reform informational session Wednesday night. Those in attendance were given instructions on applying for healthcare and they were given eligibility requirements, as well. The organization will be on campus December 4th, 5th and 6th to provide students with assistance registering for healthcare. One student shared with KTVO his thoughts on the informational and how it benefits Truman students.

â??I think people may actually be kind of sleeping on the fact that this will have a direct impact on their lives at a young age. I know that there's something in the law that allows students to use their parents' healthcare until they're 26. I don't know exactly the implications of that but I know that this will definitely have an impact on us and its important for us to know about it now,â?? says Kaâ??Ron Adams.

For the healthcare sign up meeting times, visit this link closer to the dates listed above: