Heartland cancer center changes management

McCreery Cancer Center on the Ottumwa Regional Health Center campus is under new management.

The McCreery Cancer Center, located on the Ottumwa Regional Health Center campus, is now under Ottumwa Regional's Management.

The hospital announced a change of management from University of Iowa Health Care, who has announced the transition of two additional off-site clinics and closed a fourth.

For medical staff at Ottumwa Regional, the change will be positive for both staff and patients.

"For the patients, it's transparent. We worked closely with the University of Iowa for many years with this program, it's very key to the population here that needs these kind of services and ensures that they don't have to travel to Des Moines or Iowa City or any of the larger cities far away," said Phil Dionne, Ottumwa Regional CEO. "So they can stay close to family and family can be with them when they go through what is arguably a very difficult time in their lives."

The cancer care program offered at the center has a 99% satisfaction rate, which is one of the highest in the state. For that reason, Dionne said Ottumwa Regional will continue to work closely with the University of Iowa to maintain a high standard of patient care.