Heartland church celebrates improvements

<p>Illinois Bend Community Church held a lunch and shared the good memories and experiences.</p>

The Illinois Bend Community Church came from a humbled beginning, and at the end of the day they hope to remain humbled.

Sunday church held a lunch and shared the good memories and experiences.

The church is located near Kirksville. Pastor John Davison of Illinois Bend Community Church says itâ??s a community church that brings together several denominations from Catholic to Baptist all to serve their Creator.

â??This day is very special for this community of believers,â?? said Davison. â??We've moved from La Plata, out here on Highway 3, and took on the name Illinois Bend Community Church. What's really significant about today is many people though once the church closed, it couldn't come back, well it's come back and our high attendance now will run 70.â??

Pastor Davison tells us he's pleased with his membership and canâ??t wait to see what god has in store for the congregation.

The church has also purchased additional land for parking, they have a new roof, but Davidson says most importantly the have people involved in many groups that help the community become a better place.