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      Heartland church feeding kids and getting them ready for Bible school

      The First Baptist Church in Kirksville and the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri's Food 4 Kids Program are feeding kids this week at Brashear Park.

      Another Heartland church is also helping feed kids this week. The First Baptist Church is at Brashear Park in Kirksville this week giving out free, nutritious meals. It's all part of the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri's Food 4 Kids Program.

      The church is also doing a Backyard Kid's Club to have kids play in the park after they eat. It's all leading up to the church's upcoming Vacation Bible School.

      "We start at noon with the Food 4 Kids lunch. While the kids are eating lunch, we tell them to hang around because we are going to have stories and games and music. Just to let them know that we invite them to come," said Missions Committee Chair Sherie Eklof.

      Bible school will be taking place all next week from 5:45 to 8:45 p.m. at the First Baptist Church located on Washington Street in Kirksville. This year's theme is "Agency 3D: Discover, Decide, Defend." It's open to kids from pre-school through fifth grade.