Heartland church feeding the hungry

Hamilton Baptist Church held the monthly Adair County Mobile Food Pantry Saturday.

Heartland residents had a chance to get food to help them not go hungry.

Hamilton Street Baptist Church in Kirksville held the monthly Adair County Mobile Food Pantry on this Saturday.

At 11 a.m., the church doors opened as people came in with laundry baskets, boxes, and bags ready to fill them with food with everything from meats, breads, snacks, and drinks.

For church volunteers, this event is always an amazing opportunity and experience to help out their community.

"It's such a blessing that we can do this for them. We get a blessing out of it too because as people go through, so many of them say God Bless You for providing a service for us," said Site Director Pam Barnett.

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri provides food to the mobile food pantry.

The next mobile food pantry distribution will be on Saturday, August 24.

There are no income guidelines to receive the food, you just need to show proof that you are an Adair County resident.