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      Heartland church honored a very special member

      Parishioners at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church held a special Sunday mass for their school's principal Sister Ruth Ann Klauser as she is leaving her job to move to Rome.

      One Heartland church gathered on this Sunday to say goodbye and wish the best of luck to a very special member.

      Parishioners at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Kirksville held a special mass for their school's principal Sister Ruth Ann Klauser. There was a children's choir singing songs for her. She even renewed her nun vows during the mass.

      Klauser is leaving her job at the school after five years to move to Rome.

      She is excited about this new opportunity but at the same time will miss her children. The event today left her very touched.

      "Just once again thank them for everything they have done to make me feel so welcomed and loved. Express my sincere thank you to them and give God's blessing to have them think positively for what they do is for the betterment of everyone," Klauser said.

      After the mass, there was a lunch in Klauser's honor at the Catholic Newman Center after the mass.

      She will be working in Rome as the liaison between the School Sisters of Notre Dame organization and the Vatican. She will begin her position there in mid-August.

      Klauser is planning to spend the summer in Quincy with her family before she leaves.